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The Danger When Managing The Little Lies

But testing the truth of what appears obvious is kind of what science is all about, and the latest study, conducted by researchers from University College London and Duke University, set out to test whether telling small lies really did pave the way for telling...
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The Work Hard, Add Value, Be Rewarded Paradox

The Work Hard Add Value Be Rewaded Paradox
Who doesn’t want recognition for their hard work and contributions? Early in my career I wanted to believe if you worked hard, and added value, you would be rewarded. I wanted to believe in the utopian ideal that hard work, discipline, and contributions were the...
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Cheaters Promoted to Top Jobs

Cheaters Promoted To Top Jobs
Two top Volkswagen engineers who found they couldn’t deliver as promised a clean diesel engine for the U.S. market are at the center of a company probe into the installation of engine software designed to fool regulators …. The two men, Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s chief...
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