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How To Know When To Make Things Tougher Or Easier

In place of Murray and his laissez-faire style, they named Norman Freedman, who had helped design the assembly lines that produced the first color television tubes. Freedman was a forceful manager who insisted on maintaining complete control over all aspects of his projects.  This approach...
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A Real Project Management Plan May Confuse Many People

Your Task Is To Update The Project Management Plan
We took the official plan document and turned it into a real plan that we used everyday. This was different from the classic plan that was created to meet a checklist requirement. Here is how we made the change and how moving to a real plan can often confuse folks and how we overcame this normal confusion.
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How To Get The Project Management Data We Need

Get The Project Management Tool Data You Need
In the article "Get the Schedule Right" one of the key items is to know the history of how our organization has performed in the past. As simple as this is to say, it can be very difficult to do in practice. Here are three successful techniques for getting the project management tool data we need.
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