Train or Just Hire The Best?

Train or just hire the best
“In the early days, we had no choice but to hire rejects …. Nobody else would come. But we trained the hell out of them, and they became great.” Employees who’ve graduated from top business schools such as Harvard and MIT are incompetent when it...
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Get The Change Right!

Changing an organization is often the real effort behind any project. Here are three phases to change I’ve experienced and how they’ve helped me to succeed.
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Project Managers Teach Your Daughters War Games!

Project Managers Teach Your Daughters War Games
Running a project, managing a business or just being a family is often about finding creative ways to get things to happen. Frequently, this is finding innovative ways, like teaching your daughters to play wargames, to motivate people to do or learn useful project skills.
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A Real Project Management Plan May Confuse Many People

Your Task Is To Update The Project Management Plan
We took the official plan document and turned it into a real plan that we used everyday. This was different from the classic plan that was created to meet a checklist requirement. Here is how we made the change and how moving to a real plan can often confuse folks and how we overcame this normal confusion.
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Fixing The Project Management Plan: What Should We Be Doing?

Figuring out the difference between the official project management plan and the actual plan people are carrying out provides deep insights into how your organization is performing. Discovering this difference often provides a launching pad for rapidly aligning and improving your organization's productivity and on time delivery of products and services.
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