Project Management Tools That Work is about the on time and high-quality delivery of information technology (IT) and software intensive projects. Most insights are not specific to technology projects and will be useful on any project.

For example, one secret to improving quality is to deliver a project on time, especially if we have a history of delivering late. Just getting to on time can result in a huge bump to quality. Getting to on time is centered on measuring our past performance with brutal honesty. Once we get to on time with quality we will be ready to step up to an even higher level of performance.

Finally, YOU are your most important project management tool. I love tools, but what YOU do with them makes the difference.

I periodically review and update these articles, so it is not inconceivable that the article you read some time ago will be a bit different than it currently is. The point and concept illustrated will be the same, but the way it is explained or the examples given may be different. You may note that I just cover maybe a dozen concepts, over and over again, in my various articles. Yes, that is intentional! I simply illustrate and emphasize the key concepts that have consistently helped me over my career as they apply to current events.

You can follow this site using its RSS feed https://pmtoolsthatworks.com/feed in any RSS feed reader such as feedly.com, feedbin.com, etc. (or their associated Android and iOS apps). I’m only publishing one article per year, but with an RSS reader, you can also easily (re)view earlier articles.

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My Background

Over twenty years in the Air Force as a software engineering and information technology officer (e.g., manager). Over ten years in the corporate world doing the same. Finally, about ten years as an independent consultant and I am now retired. For additional details, see my profile on LinkedIn.

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