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Not a HIT

IT [Information Technology] use in the healthcare industry has experienced tremendous growth and attention since 2007. Yet concrete and credible evidence that HIT improves health outcomes remains inconclusive. Our investigation of New York State healthcare providers further indicates the healthcare industry may be experiencing an...
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It Must Be Something Other Than The Project Management Schedule

Getting More Project Management Tool Schedule Details
The notion that an inadequate project management schedule is often the root cause of other problems in the project generated some insightful responses. While insightful, they also illustrate what I consider to be the typical misconceptions we have about how project problems are just too complex to ever be "simply the schedule."
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Are Project Management Costs Really The Problem?

Project Management Costs Are Not The Problem
I don’t talk as much about project cost as I do schedule and quality. This is because I’ve rarely experienced a project that was on time where anyone complained, much, about it being too costly. If cost became a problem it was always associated with a late, often very late, project.
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Does Anyone Really Care If Our Project Is On Time?

I would often talk excitedly about some project we completed that was on time and had good results. Folks would say "yeah, we did that too." In my naive enthusiasm, I would pepper them with questions on what they did and how they did it. I would get horrified looks and then they would flee. I would come to discover that too many of those other on time projects were more noise than substance. How could a simple notion such as "on time" be so complicated?"
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Is Your Project On Time?

I talk a lot about "on time" as being a project management tool. This might strike many as backwards. Normally we figure if we do a good job then we will deliver on time. I maintain that often, more often than one would suspect, we can figure out what "on time" looks like and then squeeze the project into that period of time.
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Get The Project Management Schedule Right!

Project management tools and techniques help us to do the job we need to do. Yet, the tools can often become overwhelming with updating them, trying to get just the right report out of them, etc. It is easy to lose track of what we are trying to achieve. Estimating a schedule is one of the most critical things we will do so let's see if we can get it right.
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