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Life Hacks That Work

Tackling life's challanges
What we do, day to day makes the difference. These are some of the lifehacks I use after six decades of life. A lifehack is a habit or activity that provides significant benefits for a reasonable price.
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A Few Will Do

I just wanted to develop a rocket with a small team, and not 15,000 people like had been done in the past. I wanted to show you could do this with 200.
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Yes, the Open Office Is Terrible

We measured all types of individual work environments, and what we’ve found is that if you solve for design, noise, and access to people and resources, they perform equally, and one is essentially not better than the other.
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Shaping Priorities

“It’s almost like a dark state going on in Tallahassee,” said Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican and critic of the “culture of Tallahassee that compromises the process” because “priorities are shaped not on policy, but on relationships. Code of silence is breaking on Tallahassee’s...
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Doing The Impossible By Using Simple Math

This is not to say Musk will realize his most ambitious goals: landing on Mars, electrifying much of the world’s transportation fleet, and accelerating the transition from a fossil-fuel to a carbon-free economy. But each is closer than most thought possible in such a short...
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The Trend Is Your Friend

1 percent of Baby Boomers claimed to be vegetarian, which then progressed to 4 percent of Gen X’ers saying no to meat, and onward to an even bigger bump with roughly 12 percent of Millennials saying they are total vegetarians.
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