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Stay In The Game

While he won’t rule out further acquisitions, he says PSA doesn’t need to grow dramatically to be successful. “More than volumes, profitability is the most important element,” he says. “I prefer agility and efficiency to being the biggest car group.” Bloomberg Businessweek, September 3, 2018,...
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Too Much Money And Not Enough Time

Although Pompeii is frozen in time, the workers are in a hurry — to spend money. In the next 11 weeks they have to burn through almost $100 million — about five times what they’ve spent in the past three years — or risk losing...
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Get the Project Management Cost Right!

Get The Project Management Cost Right
Computing the project cost using our project management tools is a fundamental step in planning a project. Yet, I’ve found that some managers have a tough time when large numbers are involved or it is the first time they’ve ever seen an accurate overall cost of a project.
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Are Project Management Costs Really The Problem?

Project Management Costs Are Not The Problem
I don’t talk as much about project cost as I do schedule and quality. This is because I’ve rarely experienced a project that was on time where anyone complained, much, about it being too costly. If cost became a problem it was always associated with a late, often very late, project.
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