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Too Much Money And Not Enough Time

Although Pompeii is frozen in time, the workers are in a hurry — to spend money. In the next 11 weeks they have to burn through almost $100 million — about five times what they’ve spent in the past three years — or risk losing...
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Get the Project Management Cost Right!

Get The Project Management Cost Right
Computing the project cost using our project management tools is a fundamental step in planning a project. Yet, I’ve found that some managers have a tough time when large numbers are involved or it is the first time they’ve ever seen an accurate overall cost of a project.
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Are Project Management Costs Really The Problem?

Project Management Costs Are Not The Problem
I don’t talk as much about project cost as I do schedule and quality. This is because I’ve rarely experienced a project that was on time where anyone complained, much, about it being too costly. If cost became a problem it was always associated with a late, often very late, project.
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