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Project Manager Now Is The Time[Innovator Alain] Rossmann says this is the best time ever for starting an Internet company.  He stores and processes all the company’s videos on Amazon.com’s for-hire web servers.  [He uses] the freelance workforce available through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk labor market-place.  “You can achieve 10 times more now with 10 times fewer people and 10 times less capital.  It’s unbelievable.  This is the golden age of startups, and I hope America and everyone else takes advantage of it.”  Bloomberg Businessweek, Dec 19-Dec 25, 2011.

This also works for the project manager who is just trying to get a project completed.  We have a huge amount of resources readily available, if we don’t mind doing something different.  These are available to existing businesses just as much as the startup and we can use them to jump start our project or otherwise help it to be successful.

What is good for the entrepreneur is equally good for the project manager in an established company.  So until we make that leap to going out on our own, use those same resources to make us successful — until that time.

What opportunities are you overlooking by only relying on resources within your own project?

Thank you for sharing!

2 thoughts on “Project Managers – Now Is The Time!

  1. Bruce Benson says:


    Agreed – but many Project Managers might not even consider the possibility of making the request and that is limiting one’s options for no particular reason.

    I recall when I moved from the military to the commercial world. It was amazing the number of options that existed (i.e., I could purchase small items with a company credit card as needed) and how much flexibility this gave me compared to existing government rules.

    If we are not aware of the options than we are missing an opportunity.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  2. While I agree with the benefits of resources available in market.
    But for a Project Manager of established company have little choice over hiring such resources.
    The policies and other complaisance leaves little option for the project managers.
    If he is able to persuade the benefits to upper management then there are lots of opportunities coming to your door.

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