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My neurologist and peers (other physicians) were deeply concerned, and warned that over time, I would regret the seemingly illogical decision. Although well intended, they didn’t live in my shoes. I was drowning in fatigue, pain, depression, and uncertainty, all while living compliant with what modern medicine—with its pharmaceutical driven focus—had proposed was the best therapeutic plan to manage my illness. I was terrified to charge against conventional wisdom, and was often “gently” reminded of what might happen, with descriptions of crippling disability and advanced dependency. Nutritionstudies.org, Doctor With MS Makes Film on Collapse of US Healthcare, June 13, 2017.

Taking on the establishment, going against conventional wisdom, is just plain hard. We will spend the majority of our time feeling alone and isolated when we do this. But we still need people to do just this because often the most significant and beneficial changes come from those who, sometimes reluctantly, decide to buck the system.

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It was difficult to do something that none of my physicians supported, but the decision was ultimately mine to make. I gradually introduced more plant-based foods, crowding out animal sources and processed foods. I carefully reintroduced physical activity, and addressed streams of stress that I knew were fueling my illness. Over the months and years that followed I noted small improvements, like less dependence on the cane or feeling invigorated enough to stay awake past the evening news. This crazy idea to change my diet and lifestyle was paying off in dividends. Nutritionstudies.org, Doctor With MS Makes Film on Collapse of US Healthcare, June 13, 2017.

Are you getting what you need for your project or is it time to innovate and start operating outside the conventional wisdom of the organization?

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