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Mix It UpThat’s exactly the mix you want to foster in a company.  On one hand, you have your innovators.  These are your dropouts and visionaries.  They say, “I Need the freedom to think about this problem outside the limits of whatever constraints other people might operate under.”  They tend to think holistically about solutions.  Then there are your Stanford graduates with a 4.0 grade point average.  They’re disciplined.  They think in terms of measuring themselves and everyone around them with data.  You want both to make it all work.  Dick Costolo, Bloomberg’s Businessweek, April 15,2013.

A simple reminder that we need a mix of people for a team to work well. If we are only encouraging or promoting the “right” type of people then we are probably not getting it right in the long term.

Compare with The Straight-A Student And Project Success and The A-Student Can Be A Problem

What are you doing to ensure your team has a good mix of people?

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