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A Few Will Do

I just wanted to develop a rocket with a small team, and not 15,000 people like had been done in the past. I wanted to show you could do this with 200.
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Efficient vs Innovative

Employees viewed Fadell — who’s known as the godfather of the iPod and played a key role in designing the iPhone — as a product visionary and leader. Fawaz, by contrast, was considered a business development manager, focused on efficiencies. … Another said he believes...
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This Time We’ll Do Things Differently, Promise

The B-21’s core design initiative has been to use mature and semi-mature components and subsystems not only to lower risk and to decrease development time and costs, but also to better ensure support for the aircraft over time. Although many look to history to predict...
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It Must Be Something Other Than The Project Management Schedule

Getting More Project Management Tool Schedule Details
The notion that an inadequate project management schedule is often the root cause of other problems in the project generated some insightful responses. While insightful, they also illustrate what I consider to be the typical misconceptions we have about how project problems are just too complex to ever be "simply the schedule."
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Compressed Project Management Schedules Discourage Innovation and Improvement

Compressed Project Management Schedules Discourage Innovation
While the realistic project management schedule is still a challenge, more productivity improvements happen with realistic schedules because people have the time to innovate and improve how they do their work. This is in contrast to the compressed schedule where there is insufficient time to just get the core tasks done which in turn discourages taking the time to try new things that could improve productivity.
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In Project Management 9+3 Is Not Equal To 12

project management tools parkinson's law
We know that throwing additional resources at an already late project rarely makes the project run on time. Often it only makes it run later. Similarly, going with an aggressive schedule with an early date for the purpose of actually hitting a later date is equally counterproductive.
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