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Success Is Dangerous“One thing I learned is that while your vision should never change, you should keep trying different strategies until it works.  If you can fine-tune your instinct and have confidence in it, then you can keep taking different bites of the apple and keep approaching the problem in different ways until you get it right. … Success is dangerous because often you don’t understand why you succeeded.  You almost always know why you’ve failed.”  Fail, Mark Pincus, Bloomberg Businessweek,  April 22, 2012.

Don’t worry about doing it wrong.  Worry about doing it for the wrong reason.  If we have a good idea then we’ll eventually get to the “how” to do it right.

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When we do get it right, remember that it might have been as much luck or circumstances as it was our own brilliance.  Until we understand, usually through repeated experience, why things worked out then we are vulnerable to randomly appearing disasters.

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Never stop digging in and learning.  It is the only sure method of creating consistent success.

Do you understand why you are successful?

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