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Deep Dive

In contrast to the flybys typical of GM executives, his first official visit to Rüsselsheim a year ago became a six-hour inspection tour as he took a deep dive into Opel’s operations, initiating part-by-part comparisons with Peugeot and Citroën. The review uncovered hard-to-justify excesses such...
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Let Others Do the Work

Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) researchers found insights into ant cooperation could be incorporated into the development of large swarms of robots. The team first placed 30 ants into a container filled with glass soil-like particles, and observed only 30% of the ants performed...
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Deep Dive Into The Little Problems Now

Essentially, it was by luck. At ongoing hearings, senior bank executive Clive van Horen explained that the error had escaped numerous internal bank controls that should have caught it. The error was finally uncovered after troubling questions were raised over the bank’s overdraft application process...
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Cheaters Promoted to Top Jobs

Cheaters Promoted To Top Jobs
Two top Volkswagen engineers who found they couldn’t deliver as promised a clean diesel engine for the U.S. market are at the center of a company probe into the installation of engine software designed to fool regulators …. The two men, Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s chief...
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Lessons Learned From The California Drought

Lessons Learned From the Caifornia Drought
California captures enough water each year to meet all its needs if it operates efficiently — a big if. … “There’s learning, information sharing, creativity, and discovery.” The drought is speeding up the process. “What causes change more than anything is crisis,” Thomas Howard, executive...
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