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Projects Don’t Really Exist?

Credit: santhisoft
Projects don’t really exist; they’re a mental model, not an actual thing. We invented projects so that we can talk about a nebulous stream of work as if they were single blocks of time and effort. There are no projects; there are only products. The...
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Nobody Is Healthy, You Just Need To Be Tested More

Nobody Is Healthy You Just Need To Be Tested More
“As my internist friend likes to say, ‘Nobody’s healthy — they just haven’t been tested enough,’” says Nigel Paneth, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at Michigan State University. Hacking the Human OS, IEEE Spectrum, June 2015. I love data.  Once I started to collect...
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Why Context Is Critical To Making Successful Choices

How should firms decide whether to centralize or decentralize the selection and purchasing of critical IT infrastructure? … [Kristina McElheran’s] recent study forthcoming in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy provides new evidence that, the advice of IT consultants notwithstanding, there is no single...
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Some Scary Things Are Worth Sharing

When [Ford’s Scott] Monty was planning what became the Summer of Taurus campaign … he wrote a rough outline of what he wanted and posted it to Yammer.  Within a week, a person from an IT group that normally didn’t work with marketing was able...
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How To Know When To Make Things Tougher Or Easier

In place of Murray and his laissez-faire style, they named Norman Freedman, who had helped design the assembly lines that produced the first color television tubes. Freedman was a forceful manager who insisted on maintaining complete control over all aspects of his projects.  This approach...
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