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We Become Sloppy With Too Much Photo Bloomberg BusinessEverything looks exceedingly complicated. Srouji won’t discuss costs, but Apple’s research and development expenses hit $8.1 billion last year, up from $6 billion in 2014 and $4.5 billion in 2013. Many analysts attribute the rise in large part to chip development. All Srouji will say about his budget is that Cook doesn’t scrutinize it. “I run it very tight,”he says. “I truly believe that engineers will do their best when they are constrained by either money, tools, or resources. If you become sloppy because you have too much money, that’s the wrong mindset.” Apple’s Other Johny, Bloomberg Feb 22 2016.

Absolutely. It is amazing how often our problems are not centered on having too little time or too little money, but when these problems arise, money, time, and people become our go-to solutions. And, of course, they rarely fix anything.

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Inevitably, the best solutions come from implementing new and often disruptive ideas. I’ve often mentioned that we’ve never requested more people, more money, or more time, but we still took organizations that struggled with delivering projects to on-time delivery with often dramatic increases in quality.

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We may ultimately need more resources to continue to improve, but rarely are they needed to finally do a good job and be successful with the resources we already have.

What are you doing to solve your challenges before asking for more time, more money, or more people?


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