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Let Others Do the Work

It was a scrum. No, not the agile software method, but a bunch of people all racing after the current big defect found in the product. It was a badge of merit to be the first to figure out the defect and to report on its fix. My boss expected me to jump into this competition of egos when these problems happened.
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Preventing Meetings That Do Not End

Credit: Rebekah Campbell
It’s easy for stand-ups, which are supposed to be brief team-sharing ceremonies, to turn into extended meetings. Limit the conversation to simple statements about things the entire team should know — what you did yesterday, what you’re doing today, and any blockers or help needed....
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In Project Management The “A” Student Can Be A Problem

In Project Management The Conforming A Student Can Be A Problem
I've always been fascinated by how projects and organizations populated by a lot of smart people often just didn't do well. I spent 20 years in the Air Force followed by just over 10 years in the corporate world. There was an unsettling management consistency between these two worlds. I've come to call it the "A" Student Syndrome.
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Want Project Quality? Use the “B” Team

You have a big project. Critical to the company. So you put your best people on it. The "A" team. Funny, you always seem to get the same results. If your company is not doing well, your "A" team still results in you not doing well. Often, I attribute this kind of consistent pattern to a cultural or major organizational issue that needs to be resolved.
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