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Projects Don’t Really Exist?

Credit: santhisoft
Projects don’t really exist; they’re a mental model, not an actual thing. We invented projects so that we can talk about a nebulous stream of work as if they were single blocks of time and effort. There are no projects; there are only products. The...
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How To Manage A Chaos Machine

How To Manage A Chaos Machine Jean_Tinguely_-_Heureka_-_Zürichhorn
They assumed that, if a project was intensely and minutely planned, everything would naturally and inevitably proceed in an orderly and deterministic way. … And when projects did go off the rails, their response was to stop everything and replan. Sometimes that works, but sometimes...
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Project Management By Hostage Taking?

Project Management By Hostage Taking
It was simple. Submit our request for changes or enhancements to the product. It then goes through a prioritization effort and depending upon where it lands, we get our features or we don’t. That was the process, but few people believed in it. A lot of requested features never got into the product, at least not through this process. Instead, many of our new capabilities were introduced by what could best be described as hostage taking.
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In Project Management 9+3 Is Not Equal To 12

project management tools parkinson's law
We know that throwing additional resources at an already late project rarely makes it run on time. Often, it only makes it run later. Similarly, going with an aggressive schedule with an early date for the purpose of actually hitting a later date is equally counterproductive.
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The One Perfect Project Management Methodology

Perfect Project Management Tool
Agile. That's it. Agile. The perfect project management tool or methodology. You can use it in general project management. You can use it in software project management. Don't Google it as you will get confusing things like Agile project management and Scrum. You just want to be agile. Look it up in the dictionary. That is a much better source for the methodology.
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