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Not a HIT

IT [Information Technology] use in the healthcare industry has experienced tremendous growth and attention since 2007. Yet concrete and credible evidence that HIT improves health outcomes remains inconclusive. Our investigation of New York State healthcare providers further indicates the healthcare industry may be experiencing an...
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Clean out the queep

The Air Force has revoked more than 226 Air Force instructions deemed unnecessary or outdated over the past year as part of its ongoing effort to get rid of so-called “queep.” In an interview at her Pentagon office Tuesday, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said...
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Committees Producing Deep Wisdom

  But what does this have to do with program committees? In 2014, the Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation (NIPS) Conference split the program committee into two independent committees, and then subjected 10% of the submissions 166 papers to decision making by both committees. The...
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