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Shaping Priorities

“It’s almost like a dark state going on in Tallahassee,” said Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican and critic of the “culture of Tallahassee that compromises the process” because “priorities are shaped not on policy, but on relationships. MiamiHerald.com, Nov 5, 2017, Code of silence...
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Refactoring Stream-Of-Thought Management

Refactoring not only helps improve the mechanical quality of code; it also helps you learn from your code. When refactoring, you converge on better models. Right now, your code works, but it may feel tense, even a bit brittle. Refactoring reveals the implicit model, which...
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Whatever Triggers Our Attention Go For It

[Anouk] Wipprecht finds that her keys to success are curiosity, being willing to work across disciplines, and having a clear mission. “Whatever triggers your attention, go for it,” she says. “A lot of engineers ask me,” ‘How do I do design?’ I say, just go...
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