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I succeeded my father. I always heard him telling me that whatever the size, a company needs to pursue a cause that is beyond the profit target you usually have. It’s a matter of being a part of the society where you want to do business, or not. I’m here for a certain number of years, and I hope I will transmit [Kering] to someone else, be it my son or anyone. The question is, What am I going to build in the meantime? My father built something extraordinary; I want to leave something that is, I strongly believe this will be, I hope, my legacy. Bloomberg Businessweek, December 26, 2016, where did you get that lovely supply chain?

It is OK to make a profit but we’ll probably feel better about ourselves and about life in general if we also do something that is good for people in general.

I recall the story of Sam Walton who was not yet a billionaire where his wife asked him why he continued to open more stores and make more money. Supposedly she said “Sam, we have enough.” Sam’s response was that he wanted to be the best merchant to as many people as possible. It was not about the money, it was about being the ideal merchant that people wanted to buy from.

What does your project accomplish besides making money?

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