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Jumping Through Every Hoop

The second woman, Goldman trader Allison Gamba, says she quintupled earnings for her stock portfolio, winning a nod from her boss that she’d be put up for managing director. He also told her that she should adopt a child instead of getting pregnant. She mentioned...
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Don’t Be Normal

The company was all he really knew, he said. His father, a soft spoken engineer who founded Odebrecht in 1944, took him in as an apprentice in high school. By the time Emílio was named chairman and chief executive officer in 1991, spreading illicit cash...
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What Problem?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met with Lenovo last year and quizzed the company over how it was responding to Skylake problems. “Lenovo was confused,” claims Thurrott. “No one was having any issues.” It appears Microsoft’s own problems were the result of the company’s unique approach...
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Take the Time to Explain and to Understand

Take time to explain why you believe something — not just what you believe and why your opponent is wrong. So how did Bastian switch over from home birth advocate to home birth critic? It started with conversations with researchers in Sydney, who were compassionate...
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New Year, New Projects, Same Old Ethics

New Year New Projects Same Old Ethics
He thinks it’s pretty obvious why any engineers who may have been involved have not come forward to date. For one thing, anyone who does stand up will most likely be swept aside … Confronted with questionable orders or restrictions, they find themselves in the...
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