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Are Projects Really In Chaos?

Meeting Madness
Success is an amazingly difficult notion to objectively pin down in many projects.  While we need to be flexible, I've noted that there is a fine line between flexibility and chaos.  Often it is but a single voice that makes all the difference.
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Project Managers – Double Check Your Temperature!

Project Managers Double Check Your Temperature
We have a temperature sensor that sits outside our bedroom window. It is on the outside of the window but still in the window well and on the screen. My wife says it can't be correct? Why? Because it is up next to the house and the house will warm it. She says the local news temperature report is better. Who is correct and what does this have to do with project management tools?
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Project Management By Living With Our Data

Living With Our Project Management Tool Data
Knowing our project and organization at a gut level allows us to judge and react both rapidly and with accuracy.  Living with data, by being immersed in it -- at least upon occasion, can only help us continue to get better at managing our projects.
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Project Management Metrics Madness? Don’t Do It!

Unhappy With Project Management Tool Requirements Creep
It happened pretty regularly. To make some functionally work on the project we needed something else that we overlooked. No problem. We make the change -- tag it as a missed requirement in our project management tool -- and approve it. A couple of weeks later the additional functionality is completed and gets submitted to be put into the product. It is submitted as a “new requirement.” It shows up as scope creep. I called up the project manager and explain they tagged it incorrectly. Please change it to a missed requirement. “Oh no!”, she practically yells, “It is a new requirement!
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