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Project Management By Hostage Taking?

Project Management By Hostage Taking
It was simple. Submit our request for changes or enhancements to the product. It then goes through a prioritization effort and depending upon where it lands, we get our features or we don’t. That was the process, but few people believed in it. A lot of requested features never got into the product, at least not through this process. Instead, many of our new capabilities were introduced by what could best be described as hostage taking.
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Project Management is Simple But Not Obvious

Project Management Is Simple But Not Obvious
I spend a lot of time talking about falling back and using simple project management tools when projects are not going as well as expected. Most management, project or otherwise, I always considered pretty simple. Simple doesn't mean easy to do. Often, it is very hard but the right thing to do.
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The One Perfect Project Management Methodology

Perfect Project Management Tool
Agile. That's it. Agile. The perfect project management tool or methodology. You can use it in general project management. You can use it in software project management. Don't Google it as you will get confusing things like Agile project management and Scrum. You just want to be agile. Look it up in the dictionary. That is a much better source for the methodology.
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