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In Project Management The “A” Student Can Be A Problem

In Project Management The Conforming A Student Can Be A Problem
I've always been fascinated by how projects and organizations populated by a lot of smart people often just didn't do well. I spent 20 years in the Air Force followed by just over 10 years in the corporate world. There was an unsettling management consistency between these two worlds. I've come to call it the "A" Student Syndrome.
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In Project Management — Patience Is Not A Virtue

Project Management Patience
Patience is a project management tool that can help us bring about improvements to how we manage projects as well as improvements to the organization as a whole. I discovered that patience was more about waiting for an opportunity to improve things and then jumping on it than it was about waiting for the organization to recognize our brilliant ideas and joyfully adopt them.
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Get the Project Management Cost Right!

Get The Project Management Cost Right
Computing the project cost using our project management tools is a fundamental step in planning a project. Yet, I’ve found that some managers have a tough time when large numbers are involved or it is the first time they’ve ever seen an accurate overall cost of a project.
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