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One Way To Make Your Project Risk Free?

Software Project Risk Management Tools Rescue
We all seem to know that throwing people at a late project may only make the project later. Yet, we all too often still do it for a variety of reasons including as a way to manage risk in a project. Having your best people ready to jump in and solve problems appears to be a smart strategy, but is it really?
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It Should Work The First Time

Improving team performance is as much about attitude as it is about using specific project management techniques to improve quality.  Here, "It Should Work The First Time" caught the imagination of the staff and became a cultural and performance changing philosophy
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The One Key Step For Successful Improvements

The key step? We have to change something that will actually help us. Here, “test every line of code” made a huge difference in this software organization. This is the first of several articles on basic changes that made a huge difference and why they worked.
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The Busiest Project Test Organization Was Also The Best

A busy project test organization can mean your products are having problems. In this case however, the fact they were very busy helped the test organization to stay objective about reporting dramatically improved test results without missing a beat. Other test teams described in this series of articles reacted in inefficient ways when product quality improved dramatically.
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Project Management Needs Business Intelligence!

Look into using your existing business systems as part of your project management tools. The business systems used by everyone to do their daily jobs can often provide more current and predictive information than relying solely on our traditional project management tools.
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Meeting Madness? Don’t Do it!

Meeting Madness
All I had to do was to get about 500 software defects fixed, according to my project management tools. My boss told me I had to have daily meetings with everyone concerned to get this done. This meeting centric approach to managing this project turned out to be utter madness. Simple measurements, that anyone can do, demonstrated that these meetings had no discernible impact.
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Get The Project Management Schedule Right!

Project management tools and techniques help us to do the job we need to do. Yet, the tools can often become overwhelming with updating them, trying to get just the right report out of them, etc. It is easy to lose track of what we are trying to achieve. Estimating a schedule is one of the most critical things we will do so let's see if we can get it right.
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