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Are Projects Really In Chaos?

Meeting Madness
Success is an amazingly difficult notion to objectively pin down in many projects.  While we need to be flexible, I've noted that there is a fine line between flexibility and chaos.  Often it is but a single voice that makes all the difference.
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How To Get The Project Management Data We Need

Get The Project Management Tool Data You Need
In the article "Get the Schedule Right" one of the key items is to know the history of how our organization has performed in the past. As simple as this is to say, it can be very difficult to do in practice. Here are three successful techniques for getting the project management tool data we need.
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It Must Be Something Other Than The Project Management Schedule

Getting More Project Management Tool Schedule Details
The notion that an inadequate project management schedule is often the root cause of other problems in the project generated some insightful responses. While insightful, they also illustrate what I consider to be the typical misconceptions we have about how project problems are just too complex to ever be "simply the schedule."
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Project Management or Death by Detail?

track and estimate projects like a casino
There is great comfort in trying to know every detail so that we as managers can make sure everything goes right. This desire for working out all the details, using project management tools, instead often results in detail overload that obscures the most important aspects of the project. Instead, there is an often simpler approach that works surprisingly well.
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One Key Secret for Improving Project Management – Just Do It!

Put the project management plan together
There are many techniques for improving project management in your organization. There are many newer technologies and project management tools that can replace your existing technologies. Why these help is not always because they are inherently better or improved over what you had before. Often, it is just the key act of changing in an orderly and well thought out manner that makes the huge difference.
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In Project Management 9+3 Is Not Equal To 12

project management tools parkinson's law
We know that throwing additional resources at an already late project rarely makes the project run on time. Often it only makes it run later. Similarly, going with an aggressive schedule with an early date for the purpose of actually hitting a later date is equally counterproductive.
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