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Project Management By Taking a Break

Project Management Tool Of Taking A Break
I use to travel, a lot. The worst part about travelling was the loss of time. Yes, I could try to work on the plane but it was never very efficient. Inevitably, a lot of the time in travel was just dead time. Boy, did that turn out to be productive!
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In Project Management 9+3 Is Not Equal To 12

project management tools parkinson's law
We know that throwing additional resources at an already late project rarely makes it run on time. Often, it only makes it run later. Similarly, going with an aggressive schedule with an early date for the purpose of actually hitting a later date is equally counterproductive.
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Fixing The Project Management Plan: What Should We Be Doing?

military regulations project management tools
Figuring out the difference between the official project management plan and the actual plan people are carrying out provides deep insights into how your organization is performing. Discovering this difference often provides a launching pad for rapidly aligning and improving your organization's productivity and on time delivery of products and services.
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It Should Work The First Time

Improving team performance is as much about attitude as it is about using specific project management techniques to improve quality.  Here, "It Should Work The First Time" caught the imagination of the staff and became a cultural and performance changing philosophy
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