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Want Project Quality? Use the “B” Team

You have a big project. Critical to the company. So you put your best people on it. The "A" team. Funny, you always seem to get the same results. If your company is not doing well, your "A" team still results in you not doing well. Often, I attribute this kind of consistent pattern to a cultural or major organizational issue that needs to be resolved.
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Seven Ways To Make That “Silver Bullet” Work

We had done everything "by the book." Sold management on the great project management technique and tools. Called all those planning meetings. Got approval and funding. Six months later, few people seem to be talking about the improvement project. Things don't look too much different . Does this sound familiar? Here are seven techniques we've used to ensure success.
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If Nothing Else, Honesty Is Just More Efficient

Honesty in project management reporting is just more efficient. Just report the status of a project as it is. If things are late, it will show things as late. If things are confused, it will show things as confused. Spending valuable time making things look better on slides than it does in reality is not productive.
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